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Quickly Opens Fresh Eggs In A Perfect Way

Product Features: 

§ Make Breakfast Fast & Easy: Hold unit over bowl and squeeze both handles together to crack the egg,without any mess or bits of shell in your food.Making delicious and nutritious egg white omelets.

§ With the Egg Cracker Separator: The Egg Separator will catch the yolk and let the white through,make imperfectly cracked eggs with spilling.Quickly separates eggs white & yolk for easy cracking.

§ Cleverly Designed: Practical handheld,Loops size 1.4 Inches,sturdy construction with comfy curve plastic integrated design,space-saving design for compact storage,beautiful and practicable.

§ Dishwasher Safe: BPA free FDA approved and economic friendly,portable and easy to use.

§ Indispensable Accessory in the Kitchen: Designed for easy opening of eggs,perfect for preparing cakes and delicious snack.

 Product Details: 

  •  Color: White.
  •  Dimensions: 23 x 7.5 x 9 cm
  •  Package Contents:
  •   1x Egg cracker 
  •  1x Egg Seperator

 How To Use:

1.        Step1: Insert an egg between the two loops and crack the shell by pressing the handle gently;

2.        Step2: The Egg Separator will catch the yolk and let the white through.


  •   Please do press the handle gently if your egg shell is very thin.
  • When cleaning blade,do not touch the shape edges with bare hands.
  • Wash the unit and egg separator attachment in warm soapy water.