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Facial SPA Kit 3 In 1

About the product



More practical for daily skin care. All heads can be used in cleaning, moisturizing cream, makeup removal, prayer and other skin care products.
Cleaning the skin is a daily life. Using this massage cleaner is better than cleaning by hand. It can clean the skin in a more effective way, eliminate waste from the skin, skin and cosmetics, and avoid damaging the skin.

The use of massage function can promote blood circulation in the effective way, remove the remains of dead skin and cosmetics, and prevent your skin and effectively eliminate fatigue. The massager with skin care product can make the skin absorb evenly, softly and softly, so that you are fresh.

Remove makeup, dirt, oil and sweat 6 times better than your hands with this soft three-speed facial brush.
Eliminates makeup, smooth skin and clean skin, experience a smoother, softer and healthier skin.


Product Name: Facial SPA Kit

Power supply: lithium battery 3.7V

Power: 0.8W

Built in polymer battery: 300mAH

Input voltage: 5V- current 200mA

Charging time: 2 hours.

Product size: 18*4.2cm