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#1 Baby Spill Proof Bowl


With engineering that defies gravity, dry foods and sandwiches remain inside the bowl and outside your floor, no matter what kind of high-flying fun your kids get into.They will not worry about the food that is thrown away at any place due to this gyroscopic dish.

Designed with a spin shape, like a toy for the child.When they enjoy their food, they can also play with it.It will become a lot of fun for your children and will leave mom out of trouble.

In addition, we add three handles to facilitate transportation and cover to cover food when it is not in use.Easy to transport outside, just place it in your baby's car.

Multiple use: not only for food, you can use it to place your small office equipment, such as a paper clip, a pin, a needle or coins.In addition, it makes a unique gift for your near ones! 


  • No more spills caused by children.
  • It makes snacks fun for kids without making any mess.
  • Keeps food indoors no matter how it bounces, turns or even flies
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Compact and portable
  • Top rack suitable for dishwasher
  • Save time, no more cleaning.
  • Ideal for children to snack while traveling.