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Magnetic Slimming Insoles

Magnetic Slimming Insoles

Seven magnets and raised nodes of geographical position stimulate the reflexology points, relieves the discomfort of the soft and moderate foot and rejuvenates the entire body.

A medical slimming jig that can be used on any shoe and that automatically stimulates trigger points for beneficial weight loss while walking and standing.

These slimming templates with magnetic acupressure are made of flexible plastic inserts that combine acupressure, reflexology and magnets to provide a gentle and effective stimulation to the feet.


Massage can strengthen health and resist disease. Shock absorbing gel material and comfortable cleaning and ventilation. Separate the sweat and deodorize, wash and use for free.

It helps increase blood circulation in the feet and provides soothing relief for pain. The raised areas support the arch, while the 250 ventilation holes provide ventilation, keeping the feet cool. Use them at least 1 hour a day to see the effect. 

Size: 24cm (Bronze) Size: 4-9 (Can be cut to the size you need 27cm (Bronze) Size: 4 - 12 (Can be cut to the size you need 26.2cm (Transparent) Size: 4-11 (You can cut to the size you need Package included 1 par x acupressure Slimming Templates