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Massager Infrared Heated Kneading Car

Massager Infrared Heated Kneading Car

An integral thermal protection device that effectively protects human safety and the useful life of the product. When the internal motor will overheat or the protection mechanism against overheating of far infrared radiation, it will cut the current for the host to be suspended. Once the temperature drops to ensure the critical point, it automatically starts working again.

• Relieve muscle pain
• Reduce the heart
• Increase flexibility
• Improve circulation
• Promote better sleep

Connect the output port of the power adapter to the massager socket. If used in the car, connect the output port of the cigarette lighter to the massager socket.
Press the power switch on the control panel. The massager starts to work.
Press the direction button, the massager heads repeatedly rotate in reverse.
Press the infrared button, start the infrared heating function.
After use, turn off the massager and disconnect the plug.

The technical details
Housing: 85% polyester 15% LICRA
Filling: 100% EVA material
Care: clean only with soft brush