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Neck Massager Cervical Multi Function

The Natural and Efficient Massager that you Deserve 



Shoulder Massager, Neck, back, waist, legs and full body; t Therapy Kneading Shiatsu Massage Cervical Pain Relief

Product characteristics:

  • Can massage neck, back, waist, legs and full body;
  • Wavy curve design: fits the cervical spine, relaxes and enjoys; the curve of the waist also fits,
  •  Heat sensation: constant temperature heating, heating, gradual relaxation
  •  Smart time: intelligent 15-minute shutdown, safe protection device to ensure safety.
  • Intensity adjustment: choose according to demand, easy to use
  • Four independent keys, easy to use
  • High quality motor that gives you silent static enjoyment


1. improves the quality of sleep
2. contact fatigue, regulation function
3. Dredging meridian, promotes blood circulation
4. muscle relaxation, flexible joint
5 Immunity
6. reproduces a health effect

The article can be used to:
1. Sleep problems affect the crowd
2. elderly people, work fatigue, lack of exercise
3. Neck and shoulder health problems of the crowd

The specifications
Material: PU leather
Massage: neck, back, shoulder, waist, leg, hip, whole body.
Shape appearance form:
Massage: kneading shiatsu massager
Control methods:
Physical Therapy Function: infrared magnetic treatment
Color: sky blue / champagne gold
Technical parameter:
Nominal voltage: 12 V. 2 a.
Nominal power: 24 W
Nominal working time: 15 min.