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New Car Sun Visor HD Car Anti-Glare Dazzling Goggle Day Night Vision Driving Mirror UV Fold Flip Down HD Clear View Visor

It is suitable for CD board in all  cars. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays, sunlight and headlights when driving at night.


  • BLOCKS THE SUN & THE NIGHT LIGHTS - Car sun/glare blocker and the night driving glare blocker. The Gray Sun Visor one block the sunlight in the day, while the yellow night driving Visor one block the car lights glare at night driving. You can see that the oncoming lights are bright but there is no glare and you don't lose your night vision. Also this comes with 2 colors which you can adjust based on climate and your preference.
  • YOU DON'T NEED SUNGLASSES - No need to use sunglasses, extra pair just for driving is expensive. You needed an extra car extender sun visor to keep the sun out, helps you when you come across the trees and you get shadows in between the sun, and any unexpected lights/glare. Attachable sedan visor extender sunscreen worked perfect keeping the sun and shadows from bothering. This anti-glare filter is perfect to block the sun, Cuts down on glare.
  • THE CAR VISOR MAKES EVERYTHING SO CLEAR AND VIVID WITH NO GLARE - Even though this car extender visor is 2 TINED:The gray tinted visor help lessen glare from the sun, The yellow tinted visor worked well for oncoming headlights at night. The car visor shield does not change the color of anything,it only makes it more vivid and colors look very rich and beautiful.
  • THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR TROUBLES! - Night Blind , Impairment Migraine Sufferer, and Eyes are very Light Sensitive, Never get the factory visor. This car visor extender makes it possible for you to safely drive to and from work.