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Fat Product Weight Loss Cream Men


Net weight: 170g

Powerful weight loss cream cream for men and women, burns fat mainly for the waist, abdomen, legs and other parts.
It helps to tighten and lubricate muscles, promote metabolism and strengthen muscles.
Fast and healthy weight loss, safe and without side effects.
Effect: burns fat, tense muscles.
Suitable for: body, builder, men, women, slimmer


Use this product once a day. After cleaning, apply an adequate amount of this product on the belly and waist, massage the waist gently from above and massage the abdomen in circular movements for 10 ~ 20 minutes, wash it after half an hour.


This product may have an allergic reaction to a small amount of human body; If the discomfort, stop using it immediately; can not be used on the wound or inedible; sensitive skin, perform a good skin test before use; If the allergy phenomenon swollen with red appears after use, stop using it immediately;
Unopened products can be stored for three years, after opening, use within 6 months.